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Origins Analytics

Welcome to Origins NFT

Our goal is to create value for our members by providing educational resources, actionable insights, and passive financial rewards through monthly NFT giveaways.

Membership Access

As active NFT investors ourselves, we understand that finding an edge in a constantly evolving environment can be challenging. In response, we've created this community to serve as a medium for like-minded individuals to join, learn, collaborate and become better traders.
Your membership will provide access to the Origins:


Our community includes a diverse combination of legacy TradFi quants, day traders, stay-at-home parents, and everyone in between. We welcome everyone, regardless of skill level. We are firm believers that our collective sum is greater than our individual parts.


Our traders leverage the best tools available (, Parsec,, Dune Analytics, et al) to derive critical information about volume, pricing, trade history, and patterns to help the community make more educated calls before entering/exiting a position.


We have dedicated channels setup 24/7 that provide alerts that monitor whale activity, mint drops, and large sales transactions. This will help ensure you never miss those sneaky stealth mints and also give you an indication of what NFTs the "smart money" is buying and selling.


Regardless of skill level, your membership will also include access to the Origins University (OU). OU is a treasure trove of educational information that will help improve your trading skill set. Lessons include minting from a contract, sniping, rare hunting, using Nansen and Parsec, and more.
We hope you enjoy your time with us. Here are some places to start!
Disclaimer: You should always do your own research (DYOR), never copy trade, and understand that having a membership does not guarantee you profits.
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