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Bot Rental

Information regarding the bot rental process

Adding the Bot

You can invite the bot to your server by visiting You will need to connect your Discord and crypto wallet to receive a link.
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Bot Rental Page
The bot's /market command is available for free!

Managing the Bot

Once the bot is added to your server(s), you will be able to access your dashboard on the Origins website
Origins NFT Analytics
Dashboard Page

Getting Support

If you need assistance with getting the bot up and running on your server, run into technical issues afterwards, or have general questions about the process, please don't hesitate to open a ticket through our official website using the support widget in the bottom right of the page. Alternatively, send an email to [email protected] and we will be happy to assist.
Please provide your server's Guild ID when opening a support ticket. This helps us pinpoint any errors occurring when running commands on your server.

Required Permissions

The bot invitation link will automatically grant the bot's integrated role the required permissions, but for troubleshooting purposes, bots will need the following permissions in each channel the bot needs to post in to function:
Change Nickname
Send Message
Send Messages in Threads
Embed Links
Attach Files
Use External Emoji
Additional integration permissions are recommended to limit the commands to certain channels. More information can be found in our Slash Command Permissions guide.
You should never give a Discord bot more permissions than it requires. If you are running into issues with the bot and you believe it is a permissions issue, please contact us via support on our website before giving the bot dangerous permissions that could potentially be exploited down the line.

A Note on Security

At Origins, we take security very seriously. High-profile bots are compromised and used to attack NFT servers regularly. One of the best defenses is proper permissions on bots in a server, but many attacks occur when staff accounts are compromised and attackers gain access to the bot's token. We are taking every precaution to make sure our staff accounts and infrastructure are protected from bad actors who would seek to use the bot's access maliciously, including a 2FA requirement with hardware keys and a highly secure deployment environment in AWS.
Our Discord robot strictly follows the principle of least privilege. In short, this means that our robot is only requesting Discord permissions that are essential for its core functionality. Limiting bot permissions is the first line of defense in securing your server against malicious actors.
Additionally, all deployed Discord bot code is peer reviewed by professional software developers who have up-to-date training in information security.
Our support staff will be happy to assist you with configuring our bot deployment on your Discord server to guarantee maximum safety for your server and its users.

Custom Branding

Currently, custom branding is only available to Origins pass holders. Please reach out via our support channels to speak with a team member regarding custom branding. The wallet used to pay for the bot rental must own an Origins pass to enable custom branding.